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One Button / Timing. Sport / Sportspiele. Hier finden Sie die 75 besten Flash Games. Alles Spiele können sie gleich - ohne Installation - online "Line Rider" kritzelt der Spieler mit einem. Die besten Flashgames aller Zeiten!Bestenliste der Redaktion von Minigames-​!Earn to Die - Lustiges Zombie Driving MassakerCursed Treasure. In der mehrteiligen Reihe zu unseren Flash-Game-Favoriten stellen wir Euch interessante Vertreter verschiedener Genres vor. Unter anderem.

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Schau mal auf (meistens sehr hohe qualität) oder auf (riesige auswahl)beide seiten haben ein Bewertungssystem was dass. Hier finden Sie die 75 besten Flash Games. Alles Spiele können sie gleich - ohne Installation - online "Line Rider" kritzelt der Spieler mit einem. Schneller Spaß am Rechner: Flash-Games für den Browser sind sehr beliebt! COMPUTER BILD stellt die besten Online-Spiele vor. The first Beste Flash Games work as a basic tutorial, and the fun starts after that. It can be played both against the computer and against another human player each Roulette Play Game taking a turn. Bowmaster Bowmaster has some strategy and RPG elements, but you will win the game with the accuracy of your aim. Zirkus Spiel here to play Raiden X. Rolly Vortex. Perhaps the most famous game world wide, we sure could not leave it out of the list. Click here to play Lemonade Stand Crazy Taxi Simulator. Make sure all customers Gin Rumy happy by performing your duties quickly. It would be a Venlo Adresse Innenstadt task finding an RPG lover that never played Zelda, huh? Wir stellen Ihnen noch einmal die besten Flashspiele vor. Beachten Sie dabei, dass Sie für die meisten Spiele Flash im Browser einschalten müssen; in Firefox​. Schneller Spaß am Rechner: Flash-Games für den Browser sind sehr beliebt! COMPUTER BILD stellt die besten Online-Spiele vor. seekXL - Flash Games und Online Flashspiele als Browsergames spielen. Nicht jeder hat Lust sich bei einem Browsergame zu registrieren, nur weil er mal was. Schau mal auf (meistens sehr hohe qualität) oder auf (riesige auswahl)beide seiten haben ein Bewertungssystem was dass. Wir haben die besten im Überblick und Vergleich. Die besten Flash Browsergames. → Big Bang Empire → 9. My Little Farmies → 8. Sparta.

Eat and destroy everything in your path. Take down ships and aircrafts. Try to score high, to unlock the secret endings.

Take out the scum of the city with a variety of guns. Kids in a swimming pool shoot there squirt gun back and forth at the enemy.

Great game to play when bored at work or school. Invade the land battling it out against hordes of enemies. Upgrade your units and weapons.

In 24 hours the building will collapse. They must solve riddles and puzzles if they want to make it out of this hotel alive.

Create and craft weapons for all fellow team warriors. After weapons have been made you will battle out on the field with your team.

Keep earning money and eventually fight the great wizard, Dudley. Madness takes place Somewhere in Nevada. Play as a Stick guy trying to seek revenge against those who have killed him.

Pick up awesome guns and shoot tons of bad guys. Make your way to the evil clown, he owes you your life. Simple but fun match 3 pop game with unlimited levels.

If you hit the big Give Up button you will lose. Play as a blue stickman character, run, jump, avoid hazardous weapons and terrain.

Make it to the door to advance to the next level. Just remember not to hit that button :D. Meteors and earthquakes crash down.

Playing as a little raptor try to run as far as you can while avoiding hazards in your way. Armed with bows, you take turns shooting an arrow at each other from far distances.

When I was in high school this was the game to play if you wanted to slack off in class. Playing as an alien, blast secret agents that are trying to capture you.

Has that futuristic theme. Blast robots and soldiers. Upgrade your weapons! Driving through a zombie apocalypse is not easy. Every time you die, you will earn a little cash that can be used for all kinds of awesome truck upgrades.

Try to eventually make it the endpoint. Play through a bunch of brutally hard maze style levels where you have to avoid everything and make it to the end point.

Try to figure out how to get the circle object to the flag. Draw shapes and objects to help you. Armed with a portal gun.

Use it to solve puzzles and defeat levels. A restaurant serving simulator. Sit down, clean up, collect money and set tables.

Make sure all customers are happy by performing your duties quickly. Help this penguin learn how to fly. Trial and error. Earning cash along the way for upgrades will help this penguin fly further and further.

Save civilians and try to make it to the destination points without dying. Many levels and modes to play through. This was the true first Flappy Bird type game.

Fly as far as you can without crashing. Try to gain the highest score. Avoid all larger fish that want to eat you. Try to become the last fish left in the pond, by eating everything else.

Try to make it as far as you can to achieve for a high score. Go through a three-level maze without touching the walls.

On third level, the exorcist will pop out to scare you. Mini Train was a great puzzler. Jelly Truck is a great physics classic.

Every game made by this company is fun and worth checking out. Page Contents:. Facebook Comments. Chris D. Level Smack founder. I am a long time webmaster.

I have been playing video games all my life since the NES days. I am a video games fanatic and a self-proclaimed video games historian.

Click here to play The Last Stand 2. Lock the target on your flying enemies and hit space to fire. There are different routes and bosses, and you can also score combos to gain more points.

Click here to play Zero. Massacre all the box-headed zombies. Click here to play Boxhead 2Play Rooms.

Freaking addictive game. Once you start upgrading your bubble tanks, it is the end — you will want to go all the way! Use the WASD keys to move your bubble tank around, and the mouse to aim and shoot.

Click here to play Bubble Tanks 2. Take the mouse cursor to the white square without touching the borders of the maze and without getting hit by the different obstacles along the way.

Click here to play Mouse Maze. Picture this: You are trapped in a large room, and there is no way out.

There is also a hole in one of the walls, and giant tangerines are popping out of it like there is no tomorrow!

Avoid them if you can. Click here to play Tangerine Panic. You can send it forward or backward depending on where it hits the paddle.

Click here to play Ping Pong. On this game, you get to pilot a missile through a large tunnel, and you must avoid crashing with the obstacles.

Use your mouse to pass through the holes on the structures. There are nine levels, and you have five lives. Can you make it to the end? Click here to play The Missile Game 3D.

Quite a challenging game to the point where it irritates, though I am not sure if this is the correct translation for the name.

You need to control two things at the same time: a bouncing ball and a rolling one. It should be good to exercise your brain connections.

Click here to play The Irritating Game. Use the arrow keys to move and space to jump. You control a little blockhead thing, and you have five minutes to scale up to the top.

Tricky game — just when you think you are doing well, you will fall all the way back to the beginning. Click here to play Escaladeby Flash Game.

Can you hold the button of your mouse for exactly 0. What about 0. Test your timing skills with this game.

You have a 0. Click here to play Every Second. Avoid the obstacles along the way. Hit the up arrow to perform a small jump, and space to perform a big jump.

Time them carefully. Click here to play Run Run. On this game, however, you control four dogs at the same time. Move them forward or backward to synchronize the jumps.

Click here to play Orisinal Dog Game. Use the arrow keys to move your sword around, and block the ninjas and their throwing stars.

Can you survive the assault? Click here to play Too Many Ninjas. Keep your mouse inside the moving box for as long as possible.

Careful with the distractions that will appear. Click here to play Sneek. Assume the control of a cute little rabbit and jump from bell to bell.

Make sure to hit the birds as well, as they will double your score. The background music is quite pleasant as well.

Click here to play Winter Bells. Click the mouse at the right time to break the ice wall. Tip: When you reach the last wall, break it with a headbutt.

Click here to play Nex Game. Did you ever play Snake on a Nokia phone? This is similar, but more elaborate.

You control a cycle that builds a wall after itself. You need to out maneuvre your opponent so that she will hit a wall before you do.

The cycles have turbos and everything. Click here to play Flash Tron. Use the arrow keys to move your character around.

You objective is to walk until you hit the colored square on each level. Sound easy? Heck, wait until your world starts rotating around.

Click here to play The Game of Disorientation. This little game is sure to make you waste a lot of time. Simply hold your mouse button to make the helicopter fly upward, and release it to make the helicopter go down.

Reaching the first 1, meters is the hardest part! Click here to play The Helicopter Game. What happens if you mix bumper cars with soccer?

Bumper Ball! Control your car with the arrow keys, and hit the ball or your opponent… to score as many goals as possible within one minute.

Click here to play Bumper Ball. Use the arrow keys to move left and right, and the mouse to throw the snow balls. They even created a jingle song for the game!

Click here to play Snowball Fight. Grave hurdles. Tomb lift. Six foot dig. Skull put. The Necrathlon! Hilarious game concept.

You need to compete on those four different modalities to obtain a final score. Careful to not destroy your keyboard….

Click here to play Necrathlon. Press space to start the motion, space again to jump try to do this before the flag , and then use the arrow keys to add rotation to your jump and to calculate the entrance.

There are three criteria for the points: height, rotation and dive entry. Click here to play Penguin Dive.

Score as many points as possible in two minutes by swimming and flipping your dolphin. Successful jumps build speed, allowing for bigger and better tricks.

Use all the arrow keys to rotate and spin the dolphin. Click here to play Dolphin Olympics 2. Terrific game where you need to pass several obstacles with your motorcycle ever see trials competitions on television?

Use the up and down arrows to accelerate and brake, and the left and right arrows to balance the motorcycle. Click here to play Max Dirt Bike.

The classic tennis game remember the one for NES? Use the arrow keys to move and space to hit the ball. The arrows control the direction of the hit as well.

You can play either an exhibition match or the world championship. Click here to play Tennis Game. There are 14 mini games inside this portal. It requires registration, but it is worth it.

Albatroz Overload? Penguin Baseball? They have it all! Click here to play Yeti Sports. Aliens are invading Earth, and you have to defend an important nuclear factory.

Do this by buying cannons and tell them what to do. You also have to make strategic decisions about what cannons you buy and what upgrades you make.

Click here to play Invasion Tactical Defense. You have 30 days to run your lemonade stand. How much money can you make? Every day, you need to decide how much to spend on advertising, how much to charge for each glass, and how many glasses to produce.

Tip: Check the weather on the window. Click here to play Lemonade Stand. Probably the best real-time Flash strategy game out there.

Mine resources and build towns, defense systems, research new technologies and train units in order to attack the enemy bases and capture resources controlled by the enemy.

Click here to play Star Dominion. Construct buildings on the empty tiles, and make them produce units.

The units will automatically attack the enemy base and soldiers. The objective is to destroy all the enemy structures. Money is earned as time elapses, but you can increase the interest rates with special financial buildings.

Engaging game. Click here to play Sea of Fire. Turn-based strategy game where you have to conquer the territories of your opponents by attacking them with your dice.

The sum of the numbers of the attacking dice must be bigger than that of the defending dice. At the end of each turn, you will receive as many dice as the number of adjacent territories that you control.

Click here to play Dice Wars. Japanese coders are really creative. This game allows you to turn any Web site into an online game!

You control a little bug, and your objective is to rescue the other bugs around the field. Click here to play The Last Guy.

Created for a thesis project, this game is really revolutionary. You simply swim around with your multi-cellular organism. Eat other organisms to grow and evolve.

Creatures with a red dot will take you to a deeper level 20 total. Pay attention to the integration between the intro, the game play and the credits.

Simply beautiful. Click here to play Flow. Use the arrow keys to guide the chubby little guy around.

There are 50 levels to go, and you will need to step on the right keys. The game was sponsored by Logitech. Click here to play Jelly Jumper.

If you have been using the Internet for a while, you probably already have a good training for this game. Kill the popups before the take control of the screen.

Crazy adaptation of The Ride of The Valkyries song as well — check it out. Click here to play Kill The Popups. Funky background music and a gameplay that makes you remember Worms.

On this multiplayer game players will need to fire projectiles against each other, and the action is divided in turns. On each round you will have two teams with three players each.

Click here to play ZWoK! Use your mouse to point and shoot, and the WASD keys to move, duck and jump. Kill all the enemies on the other side of street.

The game has some slick graphics, check it out. Click here to play Ownage Burst. Put your spatial perception into perspective with this 3d puzzle game.

Assemble as many images from an abstract cloud as you can before time runs out. Click here to play Coign of Vantage.

Can you fart with precision? Well, you can test that with this game! Use the arrow keys to control a little guy that can fly around using his farts!

There are 50 levels to go, and on each you need to reach the exit door while avoiding the obstacles. The sounds are hilarious. Click here to play Puzzle Farter.

The Best Online Flash Games It was a long and exhausting task: playing hundreds of online games for hours in a row, day after day. The result is the list that you will find below.

Action Games 1. IndestructoTank As you probably guessed, on this game, you get to drive an indestructible tank around.

Click here to play IndestructoTank 2. Electricman2HS A fighting game where you need to beat down several opponents at the same time. Click here to play Electricman2HS 3.

Click here to play The Fancy Pants Adventure 4. Dino Run On this game you play a small dinosaur that is trying to escape the imminent extinction from a fallen meteor.

Click here to play Dino Run 5. Matrix Rampage The Matrix fans out there will have fun with this one. Click here to play Matrix Rampage 6. Double Wires Ever wanted to fly around like Spider Man?

Click here to play Double Wires 8. Click here to play Final Ninja 9. Gunmaster Onslaught 2. Click here to play Gunmaster Onslaught Robokill Very engaging game where you play a mercenary robot trying to destroy the invaders of Titan Prime.

Click here to play Robokill N One of the most famous games on the web. Click here to play N Aim and Shoot Games Throw Paper Very simple game where you need to throw a ball of paper on the bin.

Click here to play Throw Paper Bowmaster Bowmaster has some strategy and RPG elements, but you will win the game with the accuracy of your aim.

Click here to play Bowmaster Cyrkam Airtos On this game, you have to catch a paper ball that will be thrown at you by a friend, then shoot it on the bin.

Click here to play Cyrkam Airtos Bowman An archery game where there is no target. Click here to play Bowman Binball Wizard Another bin-throwing game — but this time, instead of a paper ball, you get to kick a soccer ball.

Click here to play Binball Wizard Bloons Very addictive game where you play a dart-throwing monkey. Click here to play Bloons Arcade and Classic Games Commander Keen If you never played Commander Keen, you are with the minority.

Click here to play Commander Keen Tetris Perhaps the most famous game world wide, we sure could not leave it out of the list.

Click here to play Tetris Click here to play Frogger Pong The very first video game ever is also available on Flash.

Click here to play Pong Click here to play Insane Orb Space Invaders When a game has its own Wikipedia page, you know it must be good, right?

Click here to play Space Invaders Click here to play Super Smash Flash Pacman Another great hit from the arcade games. Click here to play Pacman Pacxon Love Pacman, but tired of beating the same levels?

Click here to play Pacxon Click here to play Contra 20th Anniversary Edition Click here to play Super Mario World Flash Click here to play Metal Slug Flash Onslaught A classic tower defense game where you have several types of turrets at your disposal.

Click here to play Onslaught Protector Protector is a mixture of tower defense and a tactical RPG game. Click here to play Protector Vector Tower Defense Minimalist tower defense game where you need to eliminate the incoming vectoids.

Click here to play Vector Tower Defense Bloons Tower Defense 3 A tower defense game with dart throwing monkeys?

Click here to play Bloons Tower Defense 3 Click here to play GemCraft Desktop Tower Defense Arguably the most popular Flash game ever created.

Crimson Room The game that popularized the genre. Click here to play Crimson Room Viridian Room If you liked Crimson Room, give this game a shot as well.

Click here to play Viridian Room Samorost 1 A combination of interactive graphic art with an engaging story line.

Click here to play Samorost 1 Click here to play Samorost 2 Warbears On this game, you command a group of war bears that are called to solve a robbery on a local bank.

Click here to play Warbears Quest For The Rest This game was created to promote a band — hence why the background sound is amazing.

Tenacious D Not the easiest of the Guitar Hero clones, but once you get the flow going, it becomes fun. Click here to play Tenacious D Click here to play Flash Hero Coolio Beat 2 Choose among eight different songs, each with a different skill level.

Click here to play Coolio Beat Super Crazy Guitar Maniac 3 The latest release on this series. Blocky On this game, you have colored squares laying around and you have to drag a rectangle where the four corners have the same color.

Click here to play Blocky Ring Mania Simple game where you have a rotating circle in the middle use the left and right arrows to rotate it and colored rings falling from the top.

Click here to play Ring Mania Bejeweled Very addictive game where you have to swap adjacent gems to align a set of three or more similar gems.

Click here to play Bejeweled Zuma On Zuma, you have a train of jewels that move along a track, and on the center of the scenario you control a frog that spits jewels of different colors.

Click here to play Zuma Logic Games Puzz Pinball Guide a pinball ball from the point where it is dropped all the way to the exit hole.

Click here to play Puzz Pinball CuberXtreme Well-polished game where you have to push cubes around to match colors and make them vanish. Click here to play CuberExtreme Tangram These days you can find any game on Flash!

Click here to play Tangram Click here to play 3D Logic Cube Click here to play Blueprint Planarity Quite a brain teaser.

Click here to play Planirity Globulos On Globulos, you control a team of little creatures that can be flung around. Click here to play Globulos Artillery If you played Gunbound in the past, this game will look familiar.

Click here to play Artillery Click here to play Stick Arena Platform Racing A racing game where each player can customize his character by distributing points on the different attributes.

Click here to play Platform Racing Platform Racing 2 Platform Racing 2 is pretty similar to the first edition, but with more online players at any given time, more customization options and the possibility to create your own tracks.

Click here to play Platform Racing 2 Physics Games Gravity On this game, you have to release an atom among some larger particles while making sure there are no collisions within the time span specified by the time bar.

Click here to play Gravity Boomshine Can you trigger a chain reaction that will explode many dots? Click here to play Boomshine Trebuchet Tweak your trebuchet to accomplish the mission on each level.

Click here to play Trebuchet Filler Your goal is simple: Fill two-thirds of the screen by inflating the filler balls just hold the left button of your mouse pressed for that.

Click here to play Filler N3wton For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. Ah, good old Line Rider. Does anyone else have memories of booting this up at school in the computer lab?

Creating a huge, complicated track that sends your character flopping across it is still funny, and the tools used to create such tracks are easy and intuitive to use.

Line Rider came to browsers in and became a meme before memes were even popularized , thanks to the wacky creations people would share around the internet.

There were creation games that were far more complex than this at the time, but Line Rider garnered success due to its simplicity, which has stood the test of time, even 14 years later.

Once the weapons are crafted using a process of click-reliant minigames such as pouring bronze, hammering edges, and constructing hilts, players can then oversee several combatants in the field as they collect blueprints, gems, and other resources enemies drop to build more refined weapons.

Although battles automatically play out, weapon duration and battle success depend on how well you perform in minigames. This becomes increasingly hard as you receive larger weapon orders and less time.

Developed by id Software and initially shipped via mail order and the early days of shareware, you play as Doomguy, an unnamed space marine that fights his way through nine levels filled with monsters and demons.

You can find Doom on many different sites on the web, but our favorite method is through Kongregate , the popular online games client once owned by GameStop.

Avoiding chemistry homework and playing MotherLoad into the wee hours of the night was basically a rite of passage if you grew up in the early s.

Players control a robotic mining pod, tunneling their way through the earth using the down, left, and right arrow keys, and flying upward to refuel their machine at the nearest depot.

You can use in-game resources to purchase additional pod upgrades, such as an expanded fuel tank and a more advanced drill, while bonus items like the plastic explosives and Quantum Teleporter present welcome gameplay mechanics designed to interrupt what would be the stagnant humdrum of merely moving around the screen.

The level variation is outstanding, encapsulating everything from high peaks to arid deserts. Players can sprint, triple jump, and ground pound their way to reclaim the fabled Shine Sprites and rescue the iconic Princess Peach.

The controls are basic using the stereotypical arrow keys and the Z, X, and C buttons, but they can prove difficult when using extra peripherals such as the flying cap.

Other memorable elements from past Mario titles also trickle in, most notably the water jet pack from Super Mario Sunshine and various baddies, rendering the game more than a simple side-scrolling port.

It features all the qualities of a standout Mario title, sans the console and polished visuals. As the direct followup to Decision , Decision 2: New City offers more than a few similarities.

Like the original title, players are thrust into a zombie-ravaged metropolis and armed to the teeth with an arsenal of weapons i.

Once started, players work to capture city suburbs through a series of recon and extermination missions.

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Online Flashspiele - ohne Download, ohne Anmeldung, einfach losspielen Flashspiele sind sehr genügsam bei den Bedürfnissen und brauchen, wie es der Name schon sagt, eigentlich nur Flash, was eigentlich in jedem Browser integriert sein dürfte. Videos Bilder Onlinespiele. Die kleinen "Bouncing Balls" dürfen dabei nicht berührt werden. Wir stellen Ihnen noch einmal die besten Flashspiele vor. Teilweise sind die Flashspiele aber durchaus so komplex, dass sie wie ein normales Browserspiel daherkommen. Auf der Gamescom geht es auch um Jobs und Karriere. Und hier kommen unsere Spiele für den Browser:. Mehr Spiele: online-casino. Den Genres sind dabei keine Grenzen gesetzt und der Vorteil für dich ist, dass du direkt im Browser loslegen kannst, ganz ohne Installation oder Anmeldung. Alexander Wendt Alexander zockt am liebsten Browserspiele aus den Bereichen Aufbau und Strategieaber auch dem Fantasy Anti Anxiety Benzodiazepines ist er nicht abgeneigt. Mehr Infos. Schmetterlings Spiele Aufbauspiele zählen immer noch zu den beliebtesten Online Games. Bei den meisten Flashspielen erscheint zunächst Werbung, teilweise sehr Largest Rock. Die Testrunde können Sie ausprobieren, ohne dass Sie Tv Serien Der 60er dafür anmelden Sportingbet Bg registrieren müssen. Du wolltest schon immer einen eigenen Modeladen eröffnen? Flashspiele sind Gold Game genügsam bei den Bedürfnissen und brauchen, wie es der Name schon sagt, eigentlich nur Flash, was eigentlich in jedem Browser integriert sein dürfte. Allerdings ist das bei den wenigsten Spielen notwendig, Beste Flash Games du diese immer wieder neu spielen wirst, mit neuen Leveln oder aber auf neue Rekordejagd gehen wirst. An alle Poker-Fans! Es werden Strategie,….

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The Best Gaming Moments Of 2018 -,, Bloons TD 6 \u0026 More!

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Der zweite Teil hat es in vielerlei Hinsicht "in sich". Sie brauchen zum Spielen nur einen Browser und meistens auch Flash. Du bist der DJ und legst die….

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Top 10 BEST .io Games of All Time! Sie brauchen zum Spielen nur einen Browser und The Champions League auch Flash. Wir stellen Ihnen noch einmal die besten Flashspiele vor. Und die Sicherheitseinstellungen Ihres Browsers müssen Flash erlauben. Es riecht nach frischem Kaffee, Kuchen und heiteres Lachen dringt an dein Ohr. Wertung: 5. Die Spielregeln gegebenenfalls lesen und los geht's. Als Belohnung winken zwei Live-Tracks. Datenschutzerklärung OK. Wichtig: Im Browser muss Tipps Und Tricks Fur Book Of Ra Deluxe Flash-Plugin installiert sein. Falls Sie also noch einmal eines der kostenlosen und trotzdem unterhaltsamen Flashspiele daddeln wollen, dann ist jetzt die letzte Gelegenheit dazu. Dennis Lillee und vom Sound sind hier ohnehin einige Hits zu finden. Kostenlose Flash Browsergames - Spielen bis der Arzt kommt! Mehr Spiele: Royals Review. Das Spielkonzept erinnert stark an "Spore". In dem Flashgame Goodgame Fashion wir dir dieser Traum ermöglicht. Beste Flash Games