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Betfair Trading Software The Number 1 Strategy To Survive Your First Month Trading On Betfair And Profit

Software Übersich. Bet Angel Software ist auf dem neuesten Stand der Technik und für den Einsatz bei Wettbörsen konzipiert. Bet Angel sitzt zwischen Ihnen. Geekstoy kann nicht nur für den Giganten Betfair verwendet werden, sondern auch für die Matchbook Wettbörse. BetAngel. logo. Nur dank einer eindrucksvollen. All Sports Traders have came across the 'Bet Angel' trading software. There is however alternative Betfair Trading Software Tools that I can recommend to you. posted in Sportwetten: Hier eine Liste mit Tools, die man an BetFair andocken FairBot - Trading Software for Betfair, the Betting Exchange. Betfair Trading Software als Freeware? - Hallo, ich habe bis vor etwa 1 Jahr BetTraderPro als Freeware verwendet. Jetzt habe ich die Software.

Betfair Trading Software

Betfair Trading Software als Freeware? - Hallo, ich habe bis vor etwa 1 Jahr BetTraderPro als Freeware verwendet. Jetzt habe ich die Software. A very basic introduction to trading on Betfair that will only be of interest to those starting off. Very limited descriptions, particularly of the software available, and. › Trading Articles.

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Bet Angel Review: Sports Trading Software

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Automation Help Football O1. Thanks for the help and the quick responses Huge stakes on lay side of 1. To keep up to date with the latest news and views on Bet Angel and the Betting Exchange world fill in your details here and click the Sign Up button.

Bet Angel is the premier software for trading on Betfair. Used by professionals all over the world, Bet Angel has been developed by traders who use it as their primary tool.

Introduced in , Bet Angel is constantly developed with more features and improved performance over any alternative software.

Learn how to trade on Betfair with the Bet Angel Academy. Personal tuition and group courses available. An freely available and extensive library of videos are available on our YouTube channel.

Free Trial. Buy Now. Learn to trade. Specialist tools. Super High Speed. Advanced Automation. Compare Products.

In terms of the looks, most of these systems are set up to look like the Betfair site. This means that it is easy to get the hang of if you have used their site before.

This type of software will also typically include some extra information not available on the Betfair site. The inclusion of additional lines can really help you to see the bigger picture.

The following are a few of the best Betfair trading software tools right now. This is widely regarded as being one of the top choices for in-play betting.

This tool comes from brothers Gary and Mark Russell. It lets you trade at Betfair directly from this software without entering the betting exchange.

The Gruss tool provides a one-click betting approach. The official site puts a lot of emphasis on the speed at which it lets you trade.

This is because it is mainly used by people who want to enter or exit the market speedily. However, if you use it with Excel then you can set it up to trade automatically for you.

As always, you will want to take care when doing this. It can rack up big losses if you get it wrong. The Gruss Betting Assistant can be sampled on a free trial basis for 30 days.

You also get a free Betdaq betting assistant included. This option is regarded by some people as being the best Betfair trading software.

To date, it has been used for more than 8 million hours of trading. The software is set up to be similar to the Betfair layout.

However, the addition of one-click betting makes life a lot easier for you. This can make all the difference in those trades that require fast and decisive action.

This is incredibly easy software to use right from the start. More positively, a practice mode lets you feel comfortable before trading with real money.

You can get started with a 14 day free trial if you like. If you sign up with the Geek, keep an eye on your email. This long-standing peace of Betfair trading software was created by Peter Webb.

There are three different options available now. The Professional version brings together a wide range of features.

This includes a powerful chart building feature. It also has the likes of football and tennis trading additions too. You can trade manually using Bet Angel.

There is also the option of automated trading too if you prefer. It provides enough flexibility and ease of use to suit newcomers and also experienced traders too.

There is also the chance to get a free trial. Bet Angel Basic is free to use but is probably just a starting point for a lot of people.

This stands apart from other trading software because it is browser-based. This leads to a fast, seamless process that you can enjoy anywhere you go.

As with most Betfair trading tools, there is the option of automated trading. The grid interface is laid out similar to the Betfair site. However, an advantage is that you can see 5 prices instead of just the 3.

This makes a bigger difference then you might first think. A training mode lets you get started without any fear by using dummy money.

The people behind BetTrader also say that they were the first to introduce the popular ladder interface. This is now seen on most of the best Betfair trading software systems around.

In terms of cost, you can get started with a 7 day free trial. Unlike most others here, this software works on Macs as well as on Windows PCs. This Betfair software has a number of strong points working in its favour.

For a start, it is clearly laid out so that you can start smoothly. It also offers a range of varying functions, such as betting, trading and dutching.

This product comes from the Binteko Software Company. Among the advantages of using it is the fast odds refresh rate. At 5 times per second, it is far swifter than Betfair, which is good news.

There is a lot of information crammed in but it easy enough to understand once you get to grips with it. A 15 free trial is available if you want to try before you buy.

The next piece of Betfair trading software for us to look at is called Cymatic Trader. This is a trading bot that lets you automate the process for better results.

It is a good all-rounder that was created in by a man called Gavin Porter. With it, you can set trade and bet parameters to meet your requirements very easily.

As is typical with this kind of software, it communicates directly with Betfair. The fast refresh rates mean that you can trade quicker than you would on the Betfair site.

There is a training mode on here. You can use Excel to build your automated trading strategy fairly easily.

A 14 day trial lets you try before you buy, which is always recommended. One of the big advantages with Trader Line is that it can be used on a desktop or mobile basis.

This lets you work on your trading approach no matter where you go. One-click bets and fast refresh rates make it simple to use.

The features are similar to those we have seen elsewhere. These include training mode, live scores, horse racing tools and Ladder interface.

There are 11 customisable charts that you can use on here. There are also specific football trading tools and dutching strategies available.

All in all, it is a good, well-rounded piece of trading software. As you would expect, there is a free trial you can opt to begin with.

This gives you 30 days free of charge. The final Betfair trading platform for us to look at is called MarketFeeder Pro. This is another option that lets you try out the benefits of automated trading.

The three main features they market are; market locator, triggered betting and time machine. Basically, you type in your instructions and let it go on with the business of earning money for you.

The triggered betting option is probably the standout feature. This lets you link to Excel to set up your parameters. The practise mode means that you can perfect your approach before putting on real money.

Again, there is a free trial option. This lasts for a month. We having now looked at a few of the best Betfair trading software options.

You have probably noticed that many of them are very similar. It is true that the majority of these trading tools have similar functions.

Many of them look similar and even cost similar prices. This makes it more difficult to narrow down your options, of course. To help you out, I have identified what I believe is the top option.

The best overall Betfair trading software is Bet Angel, in my opinion. This is a solid, all-round package that does everything you could hope it do.

As it has the most features, it give you the highest degree of flexibility. Next, you will also want to take into account the cost and value for money issues.

Clearly, the less you pay for the service the better. Yet, it also makes sense to choose one that will make you more winnings.

After all, it is a good idea to pay a bit more to earn more. Most of these services are cheaper if you pay for a year or so in advance.

In a few cases, you can even get a lifetime license rather than paying regularly. If you choose this option then be sure that all future updates are included.

Having carried out a number of Betfair trading software reviews, my vote is for Geeks Toy. This software offers excellent value for money.

No matter which tool you choose, be sure to keep a note of how much you win. By comparing this to the cost you can easily see the true value for money.

The truth is that the majority are for use on Windows PCs only. We have also seen that Trader Line is available on a mobile basis. It seems safe to assume that more Betfair mobile trading options will crop up in the future.

Perhaps you would like a free trading software option. A free trial is all well and good but not everyone wants to pay the full price after this is over.

There are a few different reasons why you might want to trade for free. For instance, you might be just starting out and be unsure whether you will earn enough each month.

Alternatively, maybe you wonder whether you can dedicate enough time to it so that it is worth your while paying.

As we have seen above, nearly all of these Betfair trading software reviews are for paid products. However, the Bet Angel Basic packages stands out as being free.

Naturally, you get more limited functions than with a paid option. However, starting to trade for free is a smart move. It is clear that there are now a good number of tools out there.

If you are interested in Betfair trading then choosing the right tool is a solid start. However, if you like the sound of it then it is worth a try.

Many traders trade badly because they fail to learn Computerbild Abo Service past mistakes and continue to make the same stupid mistakes over and over again. Kann mir vielleicht jemand sagen, ob die Software nur auf Windows 7 nicht mehr funktioniert oder ob es den BetTrader als "Freeware" vielleicht nicht mehr gibt? Meiste Betfair Trading Software Danke. Es zeigt die Märkte auf der Betfair Webseite live an, so können Wetten schneller und vor allem effizienter platziert werden. Even following your system there will be the occasional loss. Supercharge your performance with BetTrader. Alles in allem können Sie an mehreren Positionen gleichzeitig handeln und sämtliche Einstellungen Ihren Vorstellungen entsprechend anpassen. Please re-enable javascript to access full Bilardo Oyunu Oyna. And always stick to your strategy. Mir gehts eigentlich auch nur darum, bei William Hll nicht ständig die Seite aktualisieren zu müssen und das ging bei BetTrader automatisch jede Sekunde. I prefer jump racing. You sure? You will be able Top Handy Games Kostenlos highlight any problem areas and focus on profitable angles. Seit einer Woche aber scheint es nicht mehr einwandfrei zu funktionieren. In addition to the generic Gute Kostenlose Onlinespiele charts, they also offer up there own Fairbot charts. Many traders use betangel. For now though, I will get started with the trading software that Betfair themselves recommend through their store. I completed Petersen Trainer more detailed 1001 Spiele Online at Bettrader here. In Arkle this article, it was my intent to try and showcase some of the various examples of what is available for trading on the Betfair exchange. The forum has around 15, users and is generally very helpful for those who are getting started. It does this by using set rules that Betfair have in place to Book Of Ra Gratis Bonus changes and place bets through your account. Click below to get all the strategies sent to you…. Basically, you type in your instructions and let it go on with the business of earning money for you.

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Betfair trading strategies: Winning the losers game: Bet Angel Trading Software

Betfair Trading Software - Betfair Trading Software als Freeware?

Need an account? You sure? Das neue Ersatzprodukt nennt sich BT Evolution, dürfte aber genau derselbe Mist sein, auch wenn die Firma inzwischen verkauft worden ist und auf professionellere Beine gestellt worden ist. Betfair Bonusangebote.

When it comes to weighing FairBot up to other Betfair trading systems, you have to be willing to really stop and look at what the software does better than others.

Much of what FairBot delivers is I line with what I would expect from any system however there are a few areas where it really stands out.

The first is the system creation wizard which is a really neat feature. Coming off the back of trying to make sense of excel and how it links up with the Advanced Cymatic Trader, using FairBot is so simple.

Despite this, it is also a massively powerful tool. Secondly, the way that FairBot handles multiple markets is very much one of the most impressive features of the software.

So much so that it appears to be something that the team behind it seem to want to push. Combine this with the aforementioned system creator and you have a system that offers a lot of features for those that like to trade on the Betfair exchange rather than using it as a betting platform.

When it comes to looking at Betfair trading software, Bet Angel is probably the best of them all. For me, the first thing that stands out about Bet Angel is that the user interface is just right.

It is approachable and easy to follow. As most pieces of software related to the Betfair exchange do, the data is all laid out in a very similar to the exchange itself.

This makes it a very familiar arena. What I will attempt to do however is to summarise the main features that are included with Bet Angel.

In terms of the trading tools, there is plenty on offer with Bet Angel. Our Full Bet Angel Review can be found here. One of the arguable weaknesses for Bet Angel is that like Cymatic Advanced Trader, if you wish to programme the software to its fullest you do have to use excel.

This can make using Bet Angel a pretty difficult task, or at least, not as simple as some examples.

If there is one question that hangs over Bet Angel, it is what version of the software you should be using. There are three different versions which are a basic version, a full version as well as a final premium paid one.

As you would no doubt expect, the full and premium paid version comes equipped with a hell of a lot more in terms of its features something that I will explore in more detail below.

As well as having all of these customisable features, certain versions of Bet Angel come with some pretty advanced features.

For example, there are two tools that look at both football betting as well as tennis. These tools look at market activity before providing the likelihood of certain games and events.

This arguably makes Bet Angel the only piece of Betfair trading software that can at least hypothetically pay for itself. Finally, it is worth mentioning that there is a massive, and supportive, community in place for Bet Angel.

The forum has around 15, users and is generally very helpful for those who are getting started. As well as getting advice on using Bet Angel, there are also some people who are willing to share their own betting strategies and approaches.

It is important to note with Bet Angel that there are multiple different versions of the software that allow you to pick what is right for you.

The entry level is Bet Angel basic which allows you to place bets and trade with the benefits of a piece of Betfair trading software.

Essentially, think the Betfair exchange, but faster. The Standard version of Bet Angel allows you to access more of the features, as well as the same things as the basic version.

The vast majority of the tools that Bet Angel opens up allow you better access to trading information. This means having things like the ladder interface, advanced charting and tools for Dutching and bookmaking.

The Professional version of Bet Angel opens up all of the features that I have looked at above. This includes advanced tools such as Excel integration, multiple market trading and Soccer Mystic and Tennis Trader the predictive tools for football and tennis trading respectively.

As well as this, you get full access to all the features of the Standard version of Bet Angel. As you would expect given the difference in the availability of features from one version of Bet Angel to the next, there are also pretty significant differences in price.

As is often the case with subscription based products, the longer you sign up for Bet Angel, the better value the overall cost is.

If I am entirely honest, I feel that far and away, Bet Angel is the most complete package available. If you go for the Professional version, it goes way above and beyond what I would expect from a piece of software of this nature.

There is for example, no way of getting around the fact that the software is not the cheapest, especially when you get to the professional level.

That having been said, sometimes you really do have to accept that you get what you pay for. I also think that it would be remiss of me to ignore that there are different price points for different tiers of the software.

As I have mentioned, when I talk about Bet Angel here, I am mostly be talking about the professional version as it makes sense to me to review the whole product.

If I am honest, I find it to be fundamentally peerless in the world of Betfair trading software.

It is fast, it is efficient and it can do a lot more than any of the competition will offer. This is down to the balanced approach that is taken by the team.

I can think of one thing or another with most of the trading software that I have looked at that is better than Bet Angel, but rarely do they excel in more than one or two things.

This means that in some ways, Bet Angel is a jack of all trades and whilst this is often considered to be an insult, with this kind of software I consider it to be the highest compliment.

The fact is that when you bet, you are constantly changing and altering how you approach things, what methods that you use etc.

Geeks Toy is one of the better known examples of Betfair software on the market and a big part of this seems to be down to the man behind the service, Caan Berry.

Given that he has historically made his money through trading on the Betfair exchange, you would expect that Geeks Toy to be one of the most competitive pieces of trading software on the market and in many ways, it is.

You can read our full Geeks Toy review here. The fact that Geeks Toy has been developed by a trader means that it takes certain aspects of almost any piece of Betfair trading software and takes it even further.

As a piece of software, Geeks Toy has a reasonable enough user interface and generally speaking looks like the Betfair exchange.

This is only in its default position however as Geeks Toy can be made to look like a traders dream if you so desire. Geeks Toy displays almost all data that you could want on one screen.

Geeks Toy even goes as far as to look at things that some software overlook s. The other thing that is worth picking up on with Geeks Toy is the speed.

It moves very quickly which is something that any bettor or trader would be more than glad to see. After all, as I have stated a number of times, speed is key when it comes to Betfair trading software.

There are also wide variety of different features that Geeks Toy comes with that you would expect from Betfair trading software.

These include a number stop losses etc. More than the additional features however, if you really want to get into Geeks Toy you have to look at both the software and the overall package.

This latter half is definitely somewhere that Geeks Toy exceeds. There are literally pages of information on the various different ways of using the software.

There is even a whole section of the Geeks Toy website dedicated to getting users up and running with the software. There are just two options available if you wish to buy a license for Geeks Toy.

These are as follows:. I am, and always have been, of the opinion that Geeks Toy is a bit of a mixed bag. It is clear from the get go that this is a piece of software designed by a trader, for traders.

Some people reading this will no doubt get excited by the prospect of getting all of their charts and graphs up, having different displays of odds on show and generally setting up like a London stock broker.

Unfortunately, this focus does detract a little bit from some of the more basic aspects of Geeks Toy that I would expect from any piece of Betfair trading software.

I also think that it is interesting and definitely worth pointing out that whilst Geeks Toy does come with a very extensive training course, I feel that this is somewhat needed.

It is rather good for me that Traderline comes so immediately after Geeks Toy as there is some definite overlap between the two. Whilst the last entry had a focus on trading, Traderline is seemingly almost consumed by its desire to be the best trading platform for any Betfair bettors.

A lot of the features that are on offer here are rather niche, however what the software does wel, it is truly exceptional at.

The fact that Traderline is something a little bit different is pretty apparent as soon as you launch the software. The UI, whilst not unfamiliar, is a far cry from the typical Betfair standard that you see on most pieces of software like this.

In terms of the ways that you can view data, I believe that Traderline is probably the most flexible on the market. This allows users to focus on the data that they want to see rather than having to look and sift through information.

In terms of the speed, Traderline is blisteringly quick. The final point to make about Traderline is that it is probably the most widely available piece of software in so much as its multi platform coverage is fantastic.

There are three options available for those who wish to purchase Traderline. Traderline is a pretty advanced piece of kit and in some ways, it is so far ahead of the competition it is quite incredible.

This does however come at a cost and that is that in some ways, the software looks and feels rather complex when compared to some of its rivals.

Whether or not this is a problem is entirely subjective and ultimately depends on what you are looking for, however it would be remiss of me to ignore this.

Putting Traderline somewhere in the larger picture is not a difficult thing to do. There is a clear focus on trading and the software handles this more than competently.

To say that it does everything that a serious trader could want is a bit of an understatement. The sheer amount of customisation you can carry out and the various ways you can display data and control trades is massively impressive.

Coming into this article I had heard of Betex Trader before, however I was not overly familiar with the software. I have come to realise that this may well have been a bit of a let down on my behalf as this is a very interesting option for those who wish to trade on the Betfair exchange.

What is noteworthy about Betex Trader is that it eschews the standard format of copying the Betfair exchange in order to provide a different method of betting and any innovation I always try to see the best in.

There are some differences to how Betfair as well as most trading apps display their data. Key to these and Betex Trader as a whole is the options when you set up bets.

Whilst Betex Trader can be used in a normal fashion to really get the most out of the software you need to be using bet plans.

Bet plans are the unique selling point of Betex Trader and they are a fantastic way of setting up complex betting strategies without any real fuss.

You simply start out by creating your bet plan which is a set of rules that you can use for any future bets.

You can set a variety of different criteria which when met, Betex Trader will place bets for you. This can be set on the back of bet types, trigger conditions for in play betting and even stop loss instructions.

The Pro version of Betex Trader is somewhat restricted and comes with things like fixed staking and restrictions on the markets that you can bet on.

The ultimate version of Betex Trader however comes with no restrictions whatsoever. Unlike most pieces of Betfair trading software that charge a subscription fee, at the time of writing Betex Trader charges just a one time cost which is as follows:.

Most of the software that I have looked at so far is designed for traders and as such, has a focus on graphs and charts.

These are things that you will recognise as requiring human input. Betex Trader on the other hand allows you to simply set up the terms of your betting strategy and employ it with the click of a button.

There is a strong sense with Betex Trader that if you can programme the rules in, then you can stake it very easily.

To me this is a difference that is important to differentiate as traders tend to be more dynamic and responsive to the market, whereas bettors typically have a system based on other factors.

A big part of the appeal of Betex Trader for me is how simple it is to set up a betting system. Whilst he UI is not necessarily as intuitive as it could be, it is difficult to ignore the fact that setting up rules for betting is pretty straightforward.

The final thing to acknowledge about Betex Trader is the pricing. The fact that there is a simple one off payment also means that any future earnings that any future earnings are secured, as opposed to having monthly outgoings affecting your profit and loss.

MarketFeeder Pro Software is a piece of Betfair trading software that in some ways I rather struggle with. This is definitely a helpful feature to have, however it is also something that most examples of software that I have looked at is also capable of.

In terms of features, MarketFeeder Pro Software has all of the mainstays such as one click betting, assistance with dutching and greening up etc.

There are also some trading tools however this is a long way from the focus. The refresh rate for MarketFeeder Pro Software is very respectable refreshing up to 0.

Not dissimilar to Betex Trader which I have just looked at, MarketFeeder Pro Software really comes into its own when you are programming in your own betting system.

There is a wizard in place to help you to set these up which makes things pretty straight forward. MarketFeeder Pro Software does however also come with Excel support which means those who are proficient are able to make the software do some pretty advanced things.

This is a neat piece of software which can be used to test systems based on virtual data. If you are testing a betting system through Time Machine, then you can control the speed at which the data is tested.

There are a few different ways of paying for MarketFeeder Pro Software depending on what you want the system for. To use MarketFeeder Pro Software for trading, the prices are as follows:.

If you then wish to take advantage of Time Machine, there are potentially additional costs involved as well.

Trialling MarketFeeder Pro Software as a piece of trading software also comes with a free trial which runs for a full month, entirely unrestricted.

It is clear from the get go that MarketFeeder Pro Software is all about providing the most possible customisation for users in terms of the ability to trial systems.

Of course, key to this is the Time Machine which is an additional premium. It is worth pointing out that this is by no means a guarantee that a system developed with MarketFeeder Pro Software will work for the future however.

As a piece of trading software, it leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion. This is a very clear niche piece of software that to the right kind of user will be a godsend.

For those who are simply looking to be day to day or just want a faster and easier way of trading on the Betfair exchange, there are definitely better options.

Scoregrid Bet Practice is a direct competitor and I have to hold my hands up and say that I am rather wowed by what the team have done here.

To me, there is very little left of the traditional Betfair exchange user interface and that is a very good thing as the Scoregrid Bet Practice team have crafted something massively practical and unique.

This allows you to place bets on full and half time results in game. This is a particularly useful tool for those who are involved in dutching as everything is there and in one place.

All of this is very good however it is also important to balance it out with the fact that Scoregrid Bet Practice is also very restricted.

In fact, there are just 50 markets that you can bet on. Given the rather unusual layout and features etc.

If there is one thing that may save Scoregrid Bet Practice it is the price and I am inclined to say that it just about warrants the existence of Scoregrid Bet Practice.

There are two options which are as follows:. For me, Scoregrid Bet Practice as a piece of software holds a very fine balance. Unfortunately, if you want to use Scoregrid Bet Practice then this better be all that you want to bet on and that is fundamentally a problem.

This is important to consider when you are weighing up all aspects of this particular piece of software. Unlike BetTornado before it which is competent but has a focus on presentation, something which may appeal to a more casual bettor.

Scoregrid Bet Practice is all about serious football betting. Whether or not you are serious enough about football betting to purchase another piece of software is a very different question, and this is really what it all boils down to.

If you take betting on football even remotely seriously, this is a trifling amount to pay, even if you are already paying for another piece of Betfair trading software.

I have talked a lot about gaining and edge in trading and I have to hold my hands up and say that Scoregrid Bet Practice does this.

It may not be substantial, but any edge is worth pursuing. The fact that this is such a niche product has to be put to one side.

Bet Commando is sold as being built by sports traders, for sports traders and I have to say that I can see how this community driven project has worked out successfully.

Like a lot of the more interesting pieces of software that I have looked at over the course of this article, Bet Commando is not surprisingly a rather niche affair.

Whilst you can use the software to bet on a number of different markets, there is a very strong focus with Bet Commando on horse racing.

There are also the usual options such as ladder displays so that you can see what the entire market is doing for a particular selection.

Bet Commando has one ace up its sleeve however which is an in play animation interface that allows users to improve their in race betting on horse racing.

Whilst it is rather crude to look at, this aspect of Bet Commando shows you where horse are in relation to each other during a race, as well as showing the odds moving, all in real time.

As I have touched upon, despite the clear leaning towards horse racing trading, Bet Commando can also be used for betting on all other sports.

There is very little here that is really any different from any other example of any other piece of Betfair trading software. There are just two options that are available for those who wish to subscribe to purchase a license subscription for Bet Commando.

In looking at all of these different pieces of Betfair software, it is niche examples that tend to stand out. The problem with niche products is that as Scoregrid Bet Practice and to a lesser degree Traderline demonstrates, when you focus on one thing, something else typically gives elsewhere.

In fact, pretty far from it. My final thoughts on Bet Commando are based predominantly around how often you bet on horse racing, more specifically, in race betting.

If your particular betting approach involves a lot of this kind of betting then I have very little doubt that you should be using Bet Commando.

Whilst the rest of the software is passable, this is all that it is and as such, if you have a more varied approach to betting you will likely find yourself missing some of the functionality of less niche software.

There are a lot of pros and cons to the different examples out there and really what is best for you may not be best for everybody else.

It all depends on what you are looking for and what you consider to be the assets you consider to be most important. With that in mind, I have tried to break down the different pieces of software into categories and listed the best based for that particular feature.

It goes without saying that these are all entirely my own opinions. What I liked or disliked may not be suitable for you. The thing is, whilst I like to think that I have offered some direction to those who are looking at Betfair trading software, I believe that all of the examples that I have looked at offer a free trial.

With this in mind, the absolute best thing that you can do is get out there and trial things for yourself. Hopefully, this guide will give you two or three to try out rather than all of them.

I have long been a fan of Bet Angel and this is mostly down to the fact that I feel that it offers the most complete and comprehensive Betfair trading experience.

That having been said, I do feel that you get what you pay for with MarketFeeder Pro Software and I would personally rather have a piece of software that does everything that I want it to at a cost, than compromise and save a few quid.

It is worth pointing out that the differing tiers to Bet Angel mean that even if one option is too costly, then you can always compromise on a few features to make it affordable.

Honestly though, if you are reading this, then you take betting and trading on an exchange very seriously. As such, the cost is going to be pretty ow on your list of priorities as you would want to make the right choice rather than the cheapest.

Whilst there are a number of cheaper options on the market in terms of Betfair trading software, there is one that for me, stands out when compared to the others.

That is Advanced Cymatic Trader. It is a decent all rounder and does a lot of the things that some of the more heavyweight and costlier examples do at more than half the price.

When you take the time to consider it, it is quite possible that you spent more on your last trip to McDonalds than you would on a monthly subscription to Advanced Cymatic Trader.

This is a good indicator of just how affordable it is, and if you want to get to understand trading on Betfair properly, then this combination of cost and features makes it a great starting point.

It is worth starting by saying that every piece of Betfair trading software should be faster than the online betting exchange.

I should also mention that whilst some refresh rates etc. With this in mind, the winner for me in terms of speed is BetTrader. The refresh rate on this particular piece of software was very impressive without ever moving out into the realms of being unreadable.

The speed at which BetTrader is able to place and cash in bets is equally as impressive all of which makes it the fastest Betfair trading software in my eyes.

I should preface this by saying that when I mean trading software, I am talking about your graphs and charts men. For me, this is actually a pretty clear winner.

Traderline is not necessarily the prettiest piece of software. Or the most intuitive. But to focus on this would miss what it does so well.

In terms of presenting information, Traderline is second to none in my opinion. The customisation aspect is without a doubt what makes this stand out.

Whilst almost every piece of Betfair trading software that I have looked at has displayed some kind of chart of graph, Traderline takes it to the next level.

I think that really what Traderline does is take a very good and existing concept and it runs with it, almost to an extreme.

It is quick enough to allow you to make split second decisions whilst giving you enough data to make sure these are well informed.

I have chosen to lump these two in to one category with a brief look at my winner for each sport. I also feel that I should preface these selections by saying that these recommendations are based solely on betting on either football or horse racing.

The best horse racing software in my opinion is Bet Commando. This may not be a surprise as I was rather effusive in my initial look.

This is mostly down to two things. The first is, not surprisingly, the in play race look. In terms of the best football trading software, again, there are probably no surprises in my choice of Scoregrid Bet Practice.

In placing the focus on giving football traders what they want in front of them, it makes the whole experience faster, more efficient and resultantly, profitable in the long term.

In approaching this article, it was my intent to try and showcase some of the various examples of what is available for trading on the Betfair exchange.

I also wanted to highlight the fact that I you do use the exchange, then there are plenty of options out there for you regardless of your betting or trading style.

This is not a comprehensive list however. The fact of the matter is that there is a hell of a lot of overlap between one piece of software and the next with a few notable and very niche exceptions and the reality is that on some of the later nights when I was up testing the software, I had to check what I was looking at because it looked almost identical to what went before it.

Despite this, I like to think that I have also shown that despite all of the similarities, there are a lot of differences too. For example, Betpractice Score Grid jumped out as being by far and away the best piece of software for football trading in my eyes.

This is because as I have touched upon in my main coverage there is a clear focus on improving an existing user interface. I was also genuinely and pleasantly surprised by the sheer number of ways that you can keep on top of your betting.

Whilst Windows PCs and to a lesser degree, Apple Macs should have plenty of availability, I was pleasantly surprised to see developers catering to mobile platforms.

This does feel a little in its infancy, but it is also something that I believe you will see more of in the future.

Arrange the items on each pane according to the order of your preference. Those who switch over will be accustomed to the layout. The Grid Interface displays 5 prices either side of the current odds instead of only 3 as per the Betfair website.

Bet-submission is streamlined and allows you to place bets with fewer mouse clicks and less mouse movements. These features are essential if you want to protect your investments and force the price you want without sending the market into a frenzy.

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